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Bright spacious sports corner in room with bed desk colourful boxes and posters on the wall


Bright spacious sports corner in room with bed desk colourful boxes and posters on the wall
Sports themed bedroom interior


Sports themed bedroom interior
Stylish sports room interior with wooden table and stools


Stylish sports room interior with wooden table and stools

Sports Corner Design Ideas & Tips

We all have hobbies we have left unconquered and wishes we have ignored for a while. We often find ourselves looking for ways to incorporate our interests into our lifestyle. With space issues, you have to let go of some passions and adjust to what you have. Well, Floma Homes is here to turn the tables around. We present to you, your creative corner, however you need within your living space.

Corners are one of the most overlooked parts of your house and can be easily transformed into an innovative and personalized place for you in the house. By its very nature, it provides a very adaptive space and has the potential to complement the entire area without taking away the essence of your interior decor. Think of a cozy corner full of books, your personalized indoor garden, or a sports corner enticing the player in you. All of this is possible and this time we bring you the sports creative corner edition, wherein, a few tips and tricks will make your dream corner, a reality.

Love for sports is pretty common and around the world, people have been trying to incorporate an element of their favorite sport without spoiling the integrity of the interiors. Sports corners are in and are innovatively utilized by many without doing it in a very obvious and cheesy way. Keep reading for interesting design ideas and tips for your very own sports corner!

Selecting the corner/space

There are numerous ways to incorporate your passion for sports into your living space. You can either look for a specific corner or blend in the fun within the existing space available. Remember that you don’t want the decoration to look tacky or over the top yet not give up on your love for sports. You can designate your corner with the help of curtains that have things designed on them in relation to sports or position exciting sports goods.

Using Team colors

It is better to discuss the most sophisticated approach to your sports enthusiasm. Presenting a new undercover approach wherein, you honor your favorite team/sport by simply making use of the team’s colors in a particular spot in your home. Something like a sports-themed decor, this way it is more subtle and provides a great way to give you a shoutout to your favorite team.

Displaying a prized collection

You might have an enriching collection of your much-loved sport. If so, there are a lot of fun and chic ways to incorporate such collection within your house. You could make use of built-in cabinets, bookcases, or shelves that could work very well for the display of your proud collection. Be it a baseball bat collection, basketball collection, or cricket fanatic collectibles, finding a creative way to put it on display can be very interesting and fun. Do not hesitate to make use of things like cake stands, flute vases, coat rack to display medals, etc. These alternatives will make sure the collection fits right in!

If you have that precious autograph from your favorite sportsperson, then it would be ideal to get it framed and position it in this special sports corner so that whoever sees it is sure to be in awe of it.

Go vintage

Taking a vintage approach towards your sports decor could be a very smart way to add the right kind of sophistication and class without disturbing the decor plan. Many gift shops, local antique shops, and online stores have vintage-themed sports items that can be a part of your unique way of merging sports and home decor. This can be the very topic of discussion when guests come over to see the vintage display of your love for sports. For example, you can remember your childhood memory of your dad taking you to the baseball game by getting a picture of that year’s game or a poster that could be created that special nostalgia for you. Vintage is an enhanced way of living that people just can’t get enough of. It gives you a sense of comfort as well as makes your house looks absolutely fantastic.

Get a game plan bulletin board

Nothing can get your head in the game like an awesome focus board which can be in the shape of a football field. Update it with a daily or weekly objective and goals so that you can easily finish them off.

Athletic Rec Room

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space, why not take the love for sports up a notch? Very much so, if you really want to put your love out there, creating a bold-sports themed recreational area could be an exciting idea. You can build an entire area dedicated to your fun times, watch game nights, play video games, and get all the sports bar feels. Using unusual decor elements like a football-field chair rail, a football bean bag or even tennis-themed sitting area could jazz up space for you.

Use of art inspired by Sports

Modern art has left no stone unturned and when it comes to sports-themed art, there is an ocean of options. Look for vintage posters or black and while modern art that is actually inspired by sports. Many players are photographed by fashion photographers for various events and magazines, this could kick start your sports corner for sure.

Quote it up!

If in case, the pictures and decorations for too tacky for your liking, no need to feel left out. Creative solutions can be deduced out of anything and which is why we present to you, decoration by quotes. Your favorite player and his inspirational quotes can be fit into your home's decor. This will not only make your home aesthetically pleasing but will also motivate you to do better each day, just by looking at them. Make a simple design on your computer and print it out and get it framed. Or if you are an artist yourself, feel free to paint these quotes on an appropriate wall. 

Locker Decoration

Using lockers in your house could be a fun way to culminate your love for sports. It adds a sporty vibe to the space and also serves as a storage unit. Place it in your kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom or even in an entryway for storing your family’s basics. Spray painting them to your liking could be a fun way to light things up in your space. 

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