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Meet a Floman

The process starts with you meeting our team to discuss your ideas!

  • What is Floma Homes?

    Floma Homes is an integral part of Floma India, an interior design and home decor company. Floma Homes was creativity to exclusively focus on specialty design i.e. not your regular interior design. Floma Homes focuses on highly creative projects which are generally not taken independently by any designer.

  • How can I trust Floma Homes?

    Floma is a part of Deshpee Group which is a group of comapanies in Pune led by Vedarth Deshpande. We're in the home decor industry for more than 6 years now. Our testimonials speak for themselves and you can visit our Experience Centre anytime to get answers to all your questions!

  • Can we see your past work?

    Sure! You can visit any of our past project locations to see our creative and qualitative work. Just talk to our team about this.

  • Where are you located in Pune?

    We're located at Sahakar Nagar 2 in Pune, near Swargate.

  • How is your product quality?

    Without making any unreasonable claims, we can certainly say that our quality is better than what you see everyday. We think like this- if we won't have it in our own home, we won't put it in your home. Period.

  • Do you visit our site before starting the project?

    Yes, we do. Once you visit our Experience Centre, we'll book a sponsored site visit to take measurements and give you the 3D design of your home.

  • Do you have fixed designs that you use?

    No! Every design we work on is unique. But yes, you can see and choose certain creative corner designs from our ideas section. Then we'll integrate those ideas into your final design.

  • How is your pricing?

    We believe in providing superior quality. So to be frank, our services aren't cheap. They are fair and provide equal value. You don't want cheap things either, right?

  • Am I supposed to pay the full amount upfront?

    Not at all. You just have to book the initial site visit for Rs. 950 and then when we start the project, the payments will be in two instalments.

  • How experienced is your team?

    Our core in-house team has combined experience of 6 years. As we're a young team, we work with a lot of experienced freelancers and contractors who have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Don't worry, your project is in good hands.

  • Do you use branded materials?

    If branded materials, we use those only. If no branded materials are available, like in the case of some custom artwork, we choose the best quality material available.

  • Can you use my current furniture or materials?

    Normally, we prefer our own high quality materials for the project. But yes, we can and will incorporate your material, but we can not be responsible for the quality or warranties for the same. It will be your call.

  • Is the service provider your own team or a third party?

    It's a mix. All the design and billing is strictly in-house. But we have third party contractors who work on the production and execution. But rest assured that they will be managed by us completely.

  • Who takes the responsibility of damages during the work?

    We are committed to take good care of all your property while working and insure up to Rs. 10,000 worth of damages.

  • Do you provide any warranty?

    Yes. We provide 12 months of warrantee for installation defects on all the work we do. Some items, due to their creative nature, can't be warranted. Please always confirm the warranties with our team.

  • Can we make changes to the design once the project starts?

    We confirm the full design with you before we get started so generally, there are no changes afterwards. But if there are any, they may be chargeable to the extent of the extra work required.

  • How long does a project take to complete?

    Most our projects required only up to a week of on-site work. However, we need 7 extra days to source or produce the materials for the project. So overall, a project will take 14-21 days to complete as per the appointment.

  • Do you provide refunds?

    Refunds are subject to the amount of work done. If a substantial amount of work is not complete, a refund can be provided after deducting the amount of work already done.

  • Can we cancel the project any time?

    We offer the facility to defer the execution of the project, so you may want to consider that first. But yes, you can cancel the project anytime, but the amount of the work done must be paid for.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We only accept online payments. Payment can be done via debit/credit cards, net banking or UPI.