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Humans are creative by nature. Whatever you see around yourself is a magnificent manifestation of our imagination and creativity. Creativity is our natural thirst and we should fulfil it. "Man is a dead creature if he kills his creativity."- wisely said by one of the great poets, William Wordsworth.

Is your creativity alive?

Nurturing creativity is a healthy sign of a happy individual. Creativity is one such aesthetic angle of your life which keeps you alive. It makes you live your passion. It brings out your unexplored and untapped potential. It leads you towards a promising and prosperous life.

How can you bring creativity into your daily life then?

Can your hobbies, interests and passion live with you in your home? Yes! They can live and prosper with you in your home, letting you explore your creativity

Want to know how? The 3 magic words are: A Creative Corner


What is Creative Corner Design?

A creative corner is a specially designed space in your home having the decor and accessories matching your hobbies, interests and passion. To put it simply, it's a corner in your home where you can spend your leisure time exploring and experiencing your passion.

For example, if you love cricket, a creative corner will consist of wallpapers, artefacts, lights, seating & decor and storage all having a cricket theme. You may even be a able to do play a little cricket here!

Do you really need a Creative Corner in your home?

We know that you love pursuing your hobbies, but you don't get enough time to go outside and pursue them. When you come home tired & exhausted and want to relax, you can hardly find time to let your creativity flow.

Life sometimes simply sucks, right?
Now you realise that you are missing something in your life. You have the perfect life partner, a great job and lovely friends to chill-out anytime. Yet, somewhere down there you know, something which you loved a lot in your childhood is not a part of your life anymore. Remember the time when you wanted to be a sports player or a movie star?

So, how can you follow your passion in this case? You need a creative corner in your home. A beautiful and amazing way to get back your creativity.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to start your project!

You should and must have a Creative Corner in your home if...
  • If you're unable to pursue your hobbies outside your home
  • If you want to show off your collections or creativity
  • If you want to optimise a corner for a unique purpose
  • If you wish to have a dedicated 'home office' for working
  • If you wish to cherish any particular event of your life
  • If you need to have a dedicated space to draw, sing, dance, etc.
  • If you live in a rented space and can't do much interior

An investment into a creative corner is never wasted! Most of the elements of a creative corner can easily be moved so it's like a one time investment for 10 years!

We can turn any area of more than 50 sq. ft. into a creative corner! Such a corner in your home is your destination to keep your interests alive.

Where can you have a Creative Corner in your home?

A creative corner doesn't need a big space, though it's cool if you have more than 200 sq. ft. area for it in your home. A creative corner can be designed in small spaces too. Modern homes do have many corners and they can be beautifully turned into your own creative corners!

Ideally, you can have your creative corner designed in any the following rooms of your home:

Living room


Study/Drawing room

Are Creative Corners ideal for you?

Creative corners aren't just for artists. Here are a few ideas:

Entrepreneurs - Creative corners about their brand, home office or professional achievements

Newly married couples - Creative corners about their wedding or the first child

Artists & Sportspersons- Creative corners about their art or sport

Collectors - Creative corners about their collections like toycars, currencies or stamps


Are Creative Corners only for youngsters?

Absolutely not. It's never too late to be what you might have been, folks. Take a decision to chase your passion now! Giving enough time to your hobbies and passion is undoubtedly important. You might have been focusing on your education, job and marriage priorities so far, but what about your self happiness and growth?
What about your own space of creativity and imagination? It is these tiny, but truly engaging, enlightened and joyous moments that make your life happier and colourful.

The following are the best phases of your life when you should have your own creative corner in your home:

When you buy a new home as a newly married couple

When you're a single person living independently

When you're retired and want to start chasing your passion again

Overall price range for creative corners projects is ₹ 0.9-2 Lacs.

All you need to do is take the decision and we'll walk you through the entire process!
Floma has been in the home decor industry for nearly 6 years now. It has always been our goal to help every Indian live in a home they will love. Our creative corners service is handled by our young and expert interior designing team based in Pune. Floma's creative corners team is dedicated and committed to make your outdoor space look stunning, vibrant, modern and a reflection of your imagination.

Start your creative corner project in these 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Scroll through our ten of creative corner ideas first

  • 2. Capture & share pictures of your to-be-designed corners with us

  • 3. Visit the Floma Experience Centre for a consultation

  • 4. Approve the project design and have us handle the rest!

Our creative corner services are full of creativity and we do not have the same design for any two projects! So your creative corner will essentially be one of a kind. :)

Visit our Experience Centre for decor inspiration!